Movie made in the ICU: how to use DeltaScan

To make a short & clear 3 minute instruction movie ‘how to use DeltaScan’ took us nearly 6 hours of filming in the ICU. But thanks to the help of caring and bright nurse Pauline and our very patient patient it worked out really well. The movie is now available in several languages and part of the e-learning “DeltaScan”.

Prolira exhibits @ Intensivists Congress

The Dutch Intensivists autumn congress on 12 September 2019 was a good place to talk about delirium care, as 50-80% of the patients in ICU’s get delirium. DeltaScan can be of great help to for early & more detection and objective monitoring.

Prolira exhibits @ nursing festival

Prolira’s Clinical Application Specialist Tjeerd and Commercial Director Sjoerd presented the Prolira DeltaScan to many of the 4000 nurses that attended the educational “Nursing Experience” day in Bunnik on 29-8-2019.

DeltaScan presented at ADS congress, Boston USA -June 2019

The American Delirium Society’s (ADS) congress took place in Boston, USA on 17 and 18 June 2019.
Prolira presented DeltaScan to the nearly 300 delirium researchers and clinicians from North and South America, Australia and Europe.

DeltaScan presented at EDA congress, November 2018

The European Delirium Association’s (EDA) congress took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands on 1 and 2 November 2018.
Prolira presented DeltaScan to the approximately 250 delirium researchers from over 15 countries who attended and contributed to the congress.
Prolira’s DeltaScan was presented to all attendees.

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