The DeltaScan project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  

Prolira, a high-tech SME, has formed a consortium with 3 European academic hospitals and Key Opinion Leaders, who together are revolutionizing delirium care. This is necessary as delirium has severe consequences for patients (death, dementia, slower recovery), hospitals (higher organizational-, time- and cost-consumptions), and society (costs ≈ €173 billion).

Every year, at least 3 million Europeans are affected by acute brain failure (delirium), especially hospitalized elderly and patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). And, the size of this problem will grow with our aging society. Delirium is acute failure of the brain. Each day of delirium increases the risk of dementia or dying. Prolira has created a new vital sign monitor based on portable electroencephalography (EEG) technology: DeltaScan.

Nurses can use it during bedside checks to scan brain activity for delirium. This simple step is as important as measuring blood pressure or other vital signs.
Currently, nurses are only equipped with subjective checklists to detect delirium, leaving the majority of cases undetected, and untreated. With DeltaScan, delirium is detected more often and earlier, benefiting patients, hospitals, and society.

Our medical consortium partners wish to implement DeltaScan into routine care, evaluating the effects and capturing the benefits. The EU H2020 FTI funding is priceless for this clinical testing, which is an absolute requirement for market acceptance. It is an important step towards setting a new and improved standard for delirium detection and monitoring, and an important step towards becoming a new Gold Standard and being included in clinical guidelines.

The EU H2020 funding will allow us to quantify the concrete benefits of improved delirium care, allowing us access to the marketplace and allowing us to benefit society as soon as possible. Furthermore, this funding will allow our international consortium to be well organized and ready for full-scale scale market launch. Prolira will grow substantially in the years directly after the project, creating meaningful jobs for hundreds of EU citizens.

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