Prolira @ congress “preparing for admission is better than cure”

jan 24, 2020

Hilversum, 24 jan 2020

the Chronic Illnesses lectorate organizes the conference ‘Preparing for admission is better than cure!’. This is a concluding congress of the PREDOCS research line, that focuses on preparing the elderly for hospitalization with (cardiac) surgery to prevent postoperative care complications.  250 care professionals from (cardiac) surgery hospital departments had inscribed to listen to interesting speakers and follow inspiring workshops with colleagues.

Prolira sponsored the congress and created a good meeting space, where all care professionals were introduced to DeltaScan – to detect & monitor for delirium – with an objective device based on EEG. 

 The location of the congress was nicely chosen. Zonnestraal (Sunburst) in Hilversum, opened in 1928, as a sanatorium for workers suffering from Tuberculosis. The modernist architects Jan Duiker and Bernard Bijvoet realized their design according to the latest ideas in the field of architecture, building technology and care. 
A perfect place to present our innovation: DeltaScan, to revolutionize detection & monitoring for delirium :).







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