Prolira exhibits @ nursing festival

aug 29, 2019

Utrecht, 29 August 2019

The Nursing Experience is a bustling days especially for nurses, with over 50 sessions, an interactive exhibition floor, a skills lab, goodies, gadgets, accreditation and good food and drinks.
So it was a pleasure for Prolira to present and demonstrate DeltaScan to many of the 4000 visiting nurses. We also met with key note speaker and TV celebrity Prof. dr. Erik Scherder (neuropsychologist) and author of a.o. the book “exercise to keep the brain fit”; physical exercise not only keeps our body but also our brain in shape and who exercises more reduces the risks of developing dementia.
We have a shared ambition. The key reason to early detect and monitor for delirium, is to prevent cognitive decline, in other words: keep the brain fit!


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