End of intervention phase of CLEO study reached

Utrecht, March 2021

Approximately 3000 patients measured with DeltaScan

With the consortium partners (UMC Utrecht, Charité and UZ Leuven and Key Opinion Leaders (Prof Slooter, NL; Prof Spies, DE; Prof Milisen, BE), the international CLEO evaluation study with the purpose to evaluate DeltaScan in daily practice was severely hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it not possible to reach the required inclusion numbers in the intervention phase of the study. Study sites did however get a good introduction to DeltaScan and most continue to use DeltaScan after their participation in the study.
Other positive achievements of CLEO are: 
– Some 3000 patients in ICUs, cardiothoracic surgery ward and geriatric traumatology wards
  in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium were measured several times with DeltaScan 
– on all participating departments the awareness for delirium has risen due to the study participation and
  presentations we gave
– thousands of nurses made our e-learning Delirium and e-learning DeltaScan
– hundreds of doctors made our e-learning Delirium and e-learning DeltaScan 
– thousands of nurses performed measurements with DeltaScan













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